We offer rentals

We offer rentals for venue, sound hire, tents, disco lights, deco, couches, chairs, tables, video/camera, carpet hire and more. www.ditmastergroupfanpark.co.za Call Us 076 758 9476

Group work is just a waste of time and ideas

Group work is just a waste of time and ideas In 2010 I struggled securering venues to host my events. Then I approached friends to say let’s contribute a little bit of cash together and build a shisanyama together and it will be our side hustle. Some just criticized the idea, while some agreed and […]

Ditmaster Group Entertainment Company

The Ditmaster Group Entertainment Company was formed by Moyahabo Edwin “Koe D’man” Ramusi born and bred in Botlokwa, Matseke – started out as an event promoter who then went into the entertainment business, as booking agent and artists manager, working with the likes of Kwetepane, Problem Child, Da Capo, Punk, Swizz, Lyric Shoxen, just to […]